Vegan / Vegetarian Labeling

The label for vegetarian and vegan products, helps consumers to identify them, whether packaged or not. It's a simple and reliable guide when shopping. By labeling, companies promote transparency, clarity and ensuring though standarized criteria that their product is respectively Vegetarian or Vegan.

What products are considered Vegetarian;

Vegan are foods that:

  • do not contain animal-derived ingredients.

  • its ingredients have not been tested on animals by/or on behalf of the company.

  • the aids used in the preparation process are for vegetarians.

  • do not contain genetically modified organisms from animal genes.

What products are considered Vegetarian;

The definition of vegans applies to vegetarian products, with the difference that milk, colostrum, eggs, honey, beeswax, propolis and eriolipos (lanolin) can be added or used in their production.

As is well known, vegans are extremely careful about the identity of the products they consume. Any product that does not make it clear that it does not contain any animal derivative is discarded without a second thought. This fact leads to several complications in the production processes and the recipes of the products.

Central Certification, with its experienced and trained workforce, is able to provide you with consulting support in all business activities related to Vegan/Vegetarian products.

What do Vegan protocols include;

  • Production process flow charts.

  • Recipe evaluation based on vegan ingredients.

  • Staff training on vegan food handling and contamination prevention.

  • Supplier evaluation.

  • Cleaning schedule.

  • Traceability.

  • Review and creation of new forms that will provide information to prove the implementation of the protocol and the continuous improvement of applied practices.

  • Plan of analyzes of absence of animal protein.

  • Certification and Labelling