Certification HFA- Personnel training

Certification HFA-Personnel training

What is H.F.A.?

Ο Ε.Φ.Ε.Τ.  – H.F.A- Hellenic Food Authority was founded in 1999. Its a legal entity of public law and its placed under the supervision of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. Furthermore, its the sole authority for food safety. Since its establishment in 13th January of 2000 it has shaped the strategy for the developemt of the food industry. Consequently, it moved towards creating a modern organization, able to fulfill its obligations.

The H.F.A conducts systematic inspections on food related businesses. In addition, it foresees the implementation of hygiene rules and practices, industrial practices, as well as the system of ensuring food safety.


Program H.F.A.

Every food business operator must have trained personnel in food hygiene and safety. For this purpose there is a H.F.A. approved program (Certification HFA-Personnel training). This program's objective is to ensure the quality in the production of safe products and consumer protection in accordance with the regulation (EC) 852/2004 of the European Parliament for hygiene of foodstuffs. Therefore, businesses have the obligation of training their personnel, whose occupation is food handling, in accordance with the ministerial decision 14708/10-08-2007/GG1616/B/17-08-07. ΕΦΕΤ πρόγραμμα (Πιστοποίηση ΕΦΕΤ – Εκπαίδευση Προσωπικού). Το πρόγραμμα αυτό αποσκοπεί στην διασφάλιση της ποιότητας, στην παραγωγή ασφαλών προϊόντων και στην προστασία του καταναλωτή, σύμφωνα με τον κανονισμό 852/2004 του Ευρωπαϊκού Κοινοβουλίου για την υγιεινή τροφίμων. Συνεπώς, οι επιχειρήσεις έχουν υποχρέωση να καταρτίζουν όλο το προσωπικό τους, του οποίου η ασχολία είναι ο χειρισμός τροφίμων, βάσει της Υπουργικής Απόφασης 14708/10-08-2007/ΦΕΚ1616/Β/17-08-07.

HFA Certification concerns employees in the food industry, regardless of type of employment (permanent, contract, seasonal employees, ect.) These individuals are employed in production, processing, storage, transportation, handling of food. In addition, their employment is associated with retail, food distribution, mass catering and confectionery. Furthermore, it concerns individuals of production and processing laboratories.

You can communicate with us, for more information, regarding the training of your personnel.

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