The pricing for the certification of a quality or safety management system varies with the size and type of business that implements it. Contact us for a quotation proposal based on the needs of your business.

Certification Cost

In combination with the Certification of your system, we provide you with the consulting services for the development and support of the ISO study implemented by your company in collaboration with experienced and qualified consultants and researchers.

Cost of ISO Manual and Annual Support

  • HACCP Manual: from 400€ and annual support: from 100€ / year
  • ISO Manual 22.000: From 600€ and annual support: From 200€ / year
  • ISO Manual 9001: From 500€ and annual support: From 100€ / year
  • ISO Manual 4001: from 400€ and annual support: From 100€ / year
  • ISO Manual 45001: From 400€ and annual support: From 100€ / year
  • ISO Manual 27001: From 300€ and annual support: From 100€ / year

The prices are indicative and do not include VAT.

Κόστος Πιστοποίησης Συστημάτων Συστημάτων HACCP - ISO

A basic condition for the correct implementation of a quality and safety system is the appropriate writing of the manual, structured based on the needs of the company and its operating methodology. With a regular internal inspection program and proper guidance and prompt communication, adhering to a HACCP / ISO system becomes a necessary tool for carrying out the work, as befits a modern business and in accordance with the requirements of the law. Given the constant evolution and modification of legislation, a suitable consultant allows you to always be informed and well prepared.

In addition, the Certification of a quality and safety system adds value to the business and expands the horizons for domestic collaborations but also allows the export activity. At the same time, relationships of trust are achieved with your partners as the Certification functions as a guarantee for the quality control and the safety procedures that are applied. These benefits extend to areas such as the reduction of operating costs, as the implementation of the system that follows results in savings of resources (reduction of energy consumption, water, detergents, division of labor and responsibilities, better maintenance of equipment, etc.).

Choosing the right consultant is paramount to a guaranteed Certification in a modern business.