BRC Food Technical Standard

Diagnosis of business needs

The adoption of the food quality system BRC Food Technical Standard will lead to the following benefits for the business.

The standard:

  • It is internationally recognized and provides certification acceptable to the customer, fulfilling its need for on-site evaluation and therefore saves time and costs.

  • It provides a unified system and protocol which enables reliable and impartial evaluation by tertiary accredited certification bodies of the food safety and quality system of the company.

  • It enables the certified company to appear in the public list of the BRC allowing the recognition of high standards and the commercial exploitation of the right to use the certification logo.

  • It sets an understandable and clear implementation goal and covers issues of quality, hygiene and food safety.

  • Meets the requirements of the legislation towards the company and the consumer. In addition, the template can be used to ensure security management by the company's supplier.

  • It requires constant monitoring and confirmation of corrective actions in non-compliance with the system, and therefore enables strict compliance with the system by the company.

  • Ensures the presence of detailed specifications in accordance with the legislation and safety standards and good manufacturing practice.

  • Ensures the need for quality control in the products of the company's suppliers who must comply with the law and implement appropriate control systems of the production process.

  • Establishes the installation and maintenance of a risk control and assessment system through regular assessments, tests and analyzes.

  • Promotes the immediate monitoring and action of the company towards the customer's opinion.

The manual of installation of the BRC Food Technical Standard system in a food processing/disposal unit is a process which entirely concerns the specific unit and the relevant production processess, and in general follows the requirements below:


  • Quality system

  • Internal inspection

  • Corrective action

  • Traceability

  • Flowchart - Product Flow - Isolation - Separation

  • GMP (good manufacturing practice) and Hygiene

  • Handling requirements for special materials

  • Function control

  • Training


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